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I am Anshu Agrawal. I am from a small town of Jharkhand “Jamshedpur”… Yes you heard it right the Steel City, where the Tata Steel is situated. Because of which people from different parts of India have come to work there and thus making Jamshedpur a town with diverse cultures… So I was exposed to different cuisines from all around India very early in life. I started cooking at quiet an early age… around when I was 9 years old. I always used to be very curious that how mom rolls a perfect round chapatti or how can she peel an apple with a knife perfectly at that stage I thought that it was the toughest task in the whole world and it was this curiosity that attracted me towards cooking. I always used to help mom in cooking and she has always had been my inspiration, I still remember the first dish that I prepared, Dry Aloo Sabji, to my surprise turned out so well that every one present loved it too much. From there onwards my love and passion for food increased day by day. Encouragement was never short as all my family members and especially my dad would always supported my experiments in the kitchen, my own laboratory. He would minutely tell me the flaws in my cooking so that I could improve. After marriage my happiness knew no bounds when I found out that my passion for cooking was equally shared by my husband. He has been the first one to try all my inventions, and his comments always help me improve my flavors’ 😉   It was he who suggested the idea of coming up with my very own blog and thus https://easyvegeterianrecipes.com/ came to life, where I share my recipes of happiness, from party foods to dishes we find in every day cooking. These are not only healthy but tastier than you can imagine.

I have tried to explain each and every recipe with minute details wherever possible. Each recipe that I have shared is 100% tried and tasted several times J. https://easyvegeterianrecipes.com/ is a one stop guide for completely vegetarian mouth watering, lip smacking recipes.

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